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Privacy and security information

Where is my email account information stored?
TouchMail is a secure and private email app. All of your email stays on your email providers' servers and are downloaded to your device based on your settings using secured, encrypted technologies.

What if I use two factor authentication?
Email accounts using iCloud or Hotmail two factor authentication are supported by creating app-specific passwords.

Do you have a copy of or access to my email messages?
No personal information is stored on any TouchMail server or service. We do not read or scan your email for information e.g. for advertising purposes.

Do you add me to any mailing lists?
Only if you opt-in to our newsletter when you add an account. Afterwards you will receive an email that you must open and click a verification link to confirm your subscription. We only send occasional announcements about new features, requests for input from our users, etc. and never share your email address with others. You can unsubscribe at anytime

Privacy Policy
You can find our full privacy policy here:

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