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  1. Adding and removing accounts

  2. Adding new folders

  3. AOL & Verizon account errors

  4. Check TouchMail version and manually upgrade

  5. Checking account status

  6. Country is set to United States when adding payment method in the Store (even for users outside the US)

  7. Enable or disable sound played on new email notification

  8. Enabling Gmail two step authentication

  9. Five ways to quickly delete emails or groups of messages in TouchMail

  10. Folders and deleted items in TouchMail

  11. How do I access Settings?

  12. How do I add contacts from my address book?

  13. How do I specify port and server information when adding an account?

  14. How do I turn notifications of new emails on or off?

  15. How to contact support

  16. How to uninstall TouchMail

  17. iCloud login error (,, etc)

  18. Microsoft email accounts - error adding account & not receiving new emails (Outlook, MSN, Hotmail, O365) Updated May 2024

  19. Outlook, Hotmail, sign in error (EM70, HM75)

  20. Payment and purchasing license

  21. Pin TouchMail to your Start menu and taskbar for fast access

  22. POP3 Providers are not supported

  23. Printing bugs -- Extra blank pages printing

  24. Privacy and security information

  25. Reading and sending message buttons and UI

  26. Supported Providers

  27. TouchMail tutorial demo video

  28. Transfer paid license to new device

  29. Using signatures in your emails

  30. Why isn't my Gmail account working?

  31. Windows 8.1 users: Adding profile pictures of contacts

  32. Windows Store issue - Downloading or purchasing the app does not work from the Store

  33. Zoom In and Out Using Pinches

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