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Transfer paid license to new device

Apps purchased in the store are associated with the Microsoft account you used to purchase it. If you sign into your new Windows 10 device with the same Microsoft account (the email address and password combination) you used to sign in on the original Windows 10 device when you first purchased TouchMail, the paid license will transfer over once you sign into your new device and install TouchMail on it. To install TouchMail just search in the Windows app store or use the link below:

After re-installing TouchMail on the new device please start TouchMail, go to Settings, then the About tab, and click Refresh again to get the paid license. You might need to restart your device. 

If after following these steps you're still not able to access the paid version please email the following to customer service:

- please send a copy of your order confirmation/receipt that Microsoft emailed you after you purchased the app. You can also find order information at the link below (we don't have access to users' orders or billing as Microsoft handles that for us which is why we request this):

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