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Supported Providers

Supported providers

TouchMail supports most popular email providers and many IMAP services:

  • Gmail
  • (Hotmail)
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Office 365
  • iCloud
  • AOL

See also: Why isn't my Gmail account working?

Providers not supported

We make every effort to support as many providers as possible, but due to the number and variety some may not work with TouchMail and we are unable to provide support directly.

POP3 accounts are not supported at this time. Exchange accounts will work if they are configured to allow IMAP. Ask your IT department for information.

These providers do not support IMAP or users have reported issues with TouchMail and may not work with your accounts.

  • Verizon
  • NetZero
  • Mindspring\EarthLink
  • GoDaddy

If you have one of these providers and are able to set it up, please let us know what settings you used and we will update the app to automatically configure it for you and others.

Errors Adding Accounts

If you receive an error message when adding account it means we weren't able to talk to the provider, or there was an issue with the configuration that needs to be updated.

In some cases an error #EM70 is displayed which is specific to certain accounts when the provider denies access, but does not give us a specific error. We are working on improving this and understanding why certain accounts on Gmail, Outlook and others occasionally have this problem.

If you're still unable to sign in, try signing into your account from a browser and make sure there are no service errors.

Manually Configuring Email Providers

Most supported providers will automatically detect the right settings. However if we can't you can manually set up your account if prompted or by clicking Optional Settings.

Incoming and Outgoing Servers

Enter the full domain for the provider and if you know the port include that after a colon (e.g.

We will attempt the most common settings, and if you need to specify more detail use the following format:




Usually you can ignore Username unless you know your provider requires a username that is different than the email address. For example, instead of, the username may be just bob, or even another setting. Ask your provider or IT contact for information.

How do I find my provider's settings?

There are a few ways to find your provider's settings:

1. Contact the provider or your IT contact for the settings

2. Try searching for the domain name and “IMAP settings” for information on your account.

3. Check other apps you've used on your computer or mobile devices to check what settings they use.

Common Provider Settings

If you need to manually configure an account (e.g. for an Office 365 account with a custom domain) please try these settings.


Incoming Server

Outgoing Server

Microsoft Office 365

Gmail (Google Apps) (Hotmail)



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