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Five ways to quickly delete emails or groups of messages in TouchMail

TouchMail features many unique ways to keep your inbox clean and organized. Here are five ways to delete messages one at a time, or entire groups.

1. Swipe up on a message to delete (or archive in Gmail accounts)

2. Swipe down on messages to select one or more, then use the app bar buttons.
You can delete, move to a folder, filter to see only the mail you've received from those senders, or even set what color you want messages from them to be!

3. Inside the message reading view

4. Select an entire group by tapping the checkbox or title of the group (e.g. "Today" or "Groupon")

5. Bulk delete senders in thumbnail view
Use your fingers to pinch in to the smallest message size,

Or with a mouse, click the zoom buttons in the lower right corner:

Then tap Sender in the lower right:

Now you can see what's filling up your inbox at a glance:

Select each group you want to delete, archive or move just by tapping the name:

Now delete, archive, or move to a folder...that's it!

You can even filter only to messages of a certain date if you want to bulk delete the old mail and review more recent messages:

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