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Adding new folders

To add new folders first tap on All Folders to expand the folder list.

At the bottom of the folder list click Add Folder.

Enter the name of the folder then click Add

This will create a folder at the top level of your account which will refresh and show up within a few seconds.

Create Inbox subfolders

To create a folder under the Inbox, enter the path starting with "Inbox/" e.g.

This will create a folder under the Inbox.

Troubleshooting folders

If you are having trouble creating folders or subfolders please try restarting TouchMail if they are showing up in your browser but not in TouchMail. 

If they the folders are not being created, ensure you aren't using any special characters (e.g. $, #, %), not starting or ending the name with a space or period, and that you are using the forward slash ( Parent/New Folder ) if you are trying to create a folder name under the parent folder.

Deleting folders

The ability to remove existing folders is a feature in progress. In the meantime you can remove folders using your email provider's web site.

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